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Four Do-it-Yourself Steps to Promoting News About Your Cannabiz

As a valued resource in the cannabis community, Ingrid Marketing receives a lot of questions on what cannabis companies need to do to get ready to launch or release big news. When it’s time to pull the PR trigger and announce something newsworthy, there are four simple things a cannabis startup can do on their own to get the word out.

  1. Simplify Your Story
    The truth is, people will make up their own stories about your company and products if you do not provide them. First and foremost, make sure that your positioning and messaging are crystal clear and concise. Hone in on where you fit in the marketplace and craft three key messages that illustrate how your company/product is unique. Refine your words before you write anything or pitch anyone.
  2. Write the Press Release
    The rumor that press releases are dead is dead wrong! Everyday, media, analysts and investors watch for new press releases that introduce companies, launch products, announce executive staff, release new data, move markets, and much more. In fact, when published on the web, a press release officially and publicly records your news. Keep your release short – no longer than two pages (one page is better). Be succinct, factual and accurate, use quotes and data to validate your claims, and avoid jargon in your release. Do not postulate, and always get permission from anyone you quote before you go public. Get people to come to your website by adding links to more information.
  3. Execute the Pitch
    Compose short personal pitches that focus on how your news benefits and informs the journalist’s or publication’s specific audience. In your email, include the full press release and ask if they are interested in learning more, then suggest a time for a call or meeting with your CEO.
  4. Don’t Drop the ball
    Keep a list of the people you reach out to, respond quickly to all communications, and keep notes about every interaction. These simple habits will help you and your company put forward a professional, big company presence whenever you have news to share.

All of this takes time, but it’s worth it. When you have a great story and make a great first impression, people remember it and they might just write about you.

Heidi Groshelle is a partner at Ingrid Marketing.

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